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Create a contemporary indoor/outdoor room

Create a Contemporary Indoor/Outdoor Room

Now is the time to create a special area on your patio where you can plan to enjoy the coming warm weather. It is time to bring the outdoors in; and conversely, to bring the indoors out. Make your patio an extension of your home. Style it in the same décor genre as the rest of your house. Here we look at creating a clean and contemporary look in your indoor/outdoor room.

Today’s contemporary décor styles need a more pared-down approach. When planning a contemporary patio, the same principles apply that you would use when styling a contemporary room.

  • Pare down! This is the single most important concept in contemporary living. Less is definitely more. The same concept applies to your pot plant choices.
  • Select pot plants with simple lines, and naïve, bold leaf shapes. For low light areas, consider Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Aspidistra and Dracaena varieties. The first two are very hardy, withstanding a certain amount of neglect. For medium light areas, try the Syngonium, Dieffenbachia and Peperomia. Clean-lined plants that work well in high light areas include the Yucca, Beaucarnea and the Cactus.
  • These following are flowering plants with clean, contemporary styling:
  • Low light: Spatiphyllum. Keep moist but don’t over-water
  • Medium light: Phalaenopsis. Let the elegant moth orchid dry out between watering.
  • High light: Anthurium. Visit your local garden center to check out the many new varieties, which have been introduced recently. Keep moist but don’t over-water.
  • To create a contemporary feel on your patio, start at the floor and work your way up to the ceilings. Wooden decks, screeded cement, tiles or gravel ‘ground’ the look.
  • Make a point of selecting pots and accessories with simple contemporary lines.
  • To complete your contemporary indoor/outdoor room, choose outdoor furnishing that you love! Ensure that you will feel comfortable with the shape, size and feel of the furniture. Explore with your hands and your eyes. Does it flow with the styling inside your house?

Finally, take time out at the end of each day to delight in your patio. Keep a container with the latest issues of your favourite gardening magazine. Relax with a refreshing drink. and simply enjoy!