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Add in the Business Day news paper - 10 November 2015

Solar Project

Reducing carbon footprint

Solar Thermal

With the directors being environmentally conscious the decision was made to embark on a solar thermal project in order to produce hot water via solar technology for heating the greenhouses.

A solar collector field is in the process of being erected on the premises in close proximity to the greenhouses.  The collector field will harvest solar energy during the day, this energy will be utilised to heat water which in turn will be used to heat the greenhouses.

LVG cultivates plants in state of the art greenhouses – diffused plastic with sun screens and pad-fan cooling systems.  Greenhouses are heated all year round by pipe heating.  Some greenhouses require a constant temperature of 28º C or more all year round.

Currently LVG has 2 coal boilers of 10 MW in a separate boiler rooms.  One boiler is sufficient to heat the entire farm, however it is vital important that a 2nd boiler is on standby should the need arise.  Total coal consumption is approx 3 285 tons per year.    Average coal consumption in winter is 11 tons per day, with an average of 8 tons per day in summer.  In summer, most of this energy is used to keep the boiler on “standby” operation.  The solar project will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and impact that LVG has on the environment.