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Hippeastrum hybrids, Barbados lily

Spectactular shape and colour
The Amaryllis is a large bulb which sends up heavenly trumpet-shaped flowers once in a season. The form and colour of the Amaryllis has been hybridised to create single and double flowering plants in many shades of pink, red candy-striped colours and also in whites.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Care Info

Water very little until after growth begins. Once blooming has finished allow the foiliage and flower to die back and keep feeding each week until late summer. Keep the bulb dry and warm unitl spring or unitl new growth becomes evident.   
The bulbs need a very bright and warm position to promote growth.
Ideal Indoor Temp:
When growth commences, the plants need sunlight to flower. During flowering period, 18˚C - 24˚C


Flowering Period:
Plant generates funnel-shaped flowers, each lasting several weeks. Each bulb may produce 2 flowering stems.
The plant originates from tropical and subtropical America.
Special Points:
The Amaryllis is a sensuous-looking flower, which will enhance any room in the house. Its feminine appearance makes the plant particularly suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Place it anywhere you want to make a statement, or create an elegant pause for the eye.

High light, but no direct sunlight
Warm, 18-23 °C
Medium, 1/2 cup once a week