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Lomandra "Tanika"

Lomandra Longifolia "Tankika"

Tanika Lomandra has been performing in tough landscapes across Australia for over a decade.

• Tanika is one of the toughest, most reliable and versatile landscape plants.

• An evergreen, low maintenance, non-seeding plant for landscape professionals and gardeners alike.

• One of the most drought tough Lomandras. Excellent for dry slopes and dry shade.

• Modern architectural foliage for gardens and roadsides.

• Soft to touch—great for kids.

• Tanika has proven to be successful in humid areas such as Sydney, however areas prone to wet feet should be avoided.

• Does well in a wide range of conditions, however, Tanika® Lomandra is best not planted on foredunes. In strong salty winds like Perth, it may need to be planted a few kilometres back.


Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

High, strong sunlight
Warm, 18-23 °C
Low, Dry out between watering