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Phalaenopsis Manhattan



Numerous elegant flowers gracefully wreathed over one or two arching stems resemble moths in flight, and give this orchid its name - the moth orchid. It is a plant which gives the home or office owner double delight. The first joy is to see the beautiful moth orchid for the first time, and the second is in the realisation that it is still flowering after up to three months.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Care Info:
The moth orchid needs no special care, despite its movie star looks. Keep the plant in the see-through plastic container in which it is supplied. Notice that it grows in a special free-draining orchid medium, which looks like big bark chips.
Run water through the pot for one minute to wet the potting mix thoroughly. Avoid getting water on foliage. Do not water again until the potting mix is almost dry. This wet to dry process can be 3 to 10 days - depending on the season and the humidity. Moth orchids are supplied in clear plastic pots, so check the moisture levels visually. If you see moisture inside the pot - wait another day before watering. In most cases watering is once every 7 days.
Bright but indirect sunlight is required to grow and to flower a phalaenopsis. Use leaf colour as a guide to measure if enough light is obtained by the plant. Leaf colour should be medium olive-green. Yellow or dark green usually indicates too much or too little light.
Ideal Indoor Temp:
Phalaenopsis grows best with high humidity. Stand the plant on a tray filled with pebbles to help with catching run-off water after watering and to increase humidity. Keep the bottom of the plastic pot above water level.
Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Study, Office
Flowering Period:
3 months from date of purchase
Year round
Special Points:
Draughts - keep your moth orchid out of the breeze. A sure way to wilt the flowers is to place the plant in intense heat or windy conditions. Ideal temperature is 22 degrees Celcius, not below 15 degrees Celcius

Medium Light conditions (no direct sunlight), bright room