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Euphorbia Pulcherrima

Festive plant for the festive season

Poinsettias are traditionally used to herald the onset of Christmas. Stunning colour and longevity make this plant a winner through the festive season and beyond.

The delightful red and green foliage will add colour and cheer to your home. To spruce up your contemporary Christmas table setting, add three luscious plants in a row, in black or white pots. For country styling, place a plant in a large whitewashed pot, and tie a large tartan ribbon onto the rim of the pot.

As the plant will look good for 2 – 3 months or more, it is important to select the best specimen you can find. The following are a few selection pointers:

Choose a plant with dark green foliage down to the soil line. The poinsettia should look full, balanced and attractive from all sides. Check the poinsettia’s maturity. Check the true flowers which are located at the base of the coloured bracts. If the flowers are green or red-tipped and fresh looking the bloom will “hold” longer than if yellow pollen is covering the flowers.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Care Info:

Check the soil daily, keeping it moderately moist. Allow the water to drain into a saucer and discard excess water. If the soil remains wet the plant can wilt, and root rot can set in.
Medium: Plant needs good light, but no direct sunlight
Ideal Indoor Temp:
Room temperature is the best: Somewhere between seventeen and twenty-three degrees Celcius
The poinsettia in a colourful pot, will bring a holiday mood to your patio table, where it will thrive, provided it is out of direct sunlight.
Flowering Period:
2 - 3 months
 Availabile during the festive season
Special Points:
Fertilise the poinsettia if you want to keep it past the holiday season. Apply a houseplant fertiliser once a month. Do not fertilise when it is in bloom.

Medium Light conditions (no direct sunlight), bright room