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Behold the Beauty of Roses!

Already in the 1800's the rose was grown for commercial purposes. Please enjoy its decorative compact shape, that it has today. The Plantimex varieties have been selected and tested for durability and colour.


Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Care Info:
Put your plant outside as soon as the frost has gone and you will be able to enjoy it for another period of time.It is easy to coax the rose back into bloom; cut off its stems at 5 cms above the ground. As soon as the new shouts are visible you can add some nutrition. After two months you will see the beautiful red, yellow or pink flowers appear again.
Keep soil moist
High: Plant needs good light, but no direct sunlight
Ideal Indoor Temp:
The cooler it is, the longer the flowers will last
Indoors close to a windowsill or outdoors on patio.
Flowering Period:
2 weeks
Special Points:
Some varieties have a sensational smell