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January 2017

Calandiva / Kalanchoe



Calandiva/Kalanchoe is a succulent perennial grown for its attractive, waxy foliage and long lasting blooms that covers the plant in the late winter and early spring. The highly ornamental ‘Calandiva’ series is known for its rose-like double flowers in an ever-increasing colour palette. The Kalanchoe can be identified as single leaf flowers. The colours include white, cream, yellow, salmon, light pink, rose, lavender, red and burgundy.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!


Calandiva/ Kalanchoe get along with minimal care.

Light: Indoor Calandiva/Kalanchoe can handle both low and high light areas. Calandiva/Kalanchoe requires shade when planted outdoors. No direct sunlight (Love early morning sun.)

Watering: When watering, do not allow the soil to dry for extended periods of time. In containers, water until a little excess starts to drain out the bottom holes a quarter cup once a week should be sufficient. Avoid overwatering.

Pruning: When pruning, simply pinch or clip them back where they attach to the stem. Pinch out dead flowers regularly to stimulate new flowers to form.

Fertilizer: Fertilize one to two times per month from spring and then stop fertilizing through the winter. A liquid fertilizer will not burn the plants and will work well.