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July 2015



Pelargoniums, also known as Geraniums, have been very popular with gardeners for many years. These versatile brightly coloured plants are right at home in flower beds, pots, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets indoor or outdoor culture. Pelargoniums are well-behaved, low-maintenance, high-performance, sultry garden divas.

Pelargoniums, which are believed to have come to Europe from South Africa, have an important role in the perfume industry. The different varieties can produce a variety of scents however the ones with rose scent are the most important to the industry. An interesting aside is that it is believed that pelargoniums are a deterrent to mosquitoes.

It’s a reliable plant giving gardeners a continuous supply of carefree glowing colour all winter long, even under extreme weather conditions.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Plant pelargoniums in well-drained soil in a sunny position. Pelargoniums grown in containers prefer morning sun and afternoon shade, but if in a hot west-facing position they cope better once the foliage covers the surface soil area.

Pelargoniums hybrids do not like too much heat. They will tolerate wind.

Avoid overwatering pelargoniums.  

Prune back after flowering to prevent legginess.