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March 2017

Begonia Elatior

Begonia Elatior Hybride

The Begonia is known for its brilliant frilly flowers and its fancy foliage. This easy to grow flowering specimen will flourish in the right place in your home.


Interesting Facts:

  •  The name Begonia honors Michel Begon, a former governor and amateur botanist.
  •  Begonia seeds are one of the smallest in the world of flowers.
  •  Begonias were used to polish sword blades.
  •  Begonias are succulent-like plants that can store water in their stems, meaning that they are drought-tolerant
  •  The Begonia symbolizes harmonious communications be-tween friends and family members.
  •  It represents gratitude and giving thanks for a favor from someone else.
  •  It symbolizes individuality and standing out from the crowd.
  •  Begonia’s indicates justice and peace between major world powers and simple people alike.

Care instructions

Put in a little and get back a lot!

Begonia Elatior hybrids do best in medium light, well-ventilated rooms.

Soil should remain moist, but not too wet. Water begonias at the base to avoid leaf spot and the possibility of fungal diseases on flowers. Allow the top 20cm or so of soil to dry out before watering again.

Do well in containers. Sensitive to frost.